Do you have a car or a motorcycle?

Start making money!

Only 3 minutes
to register
Essential documents only
All you need is your driver's license.
A handy app
to work in on Android and iOS.
You can add different types of vehicles
You can use different vehicle classes in your work.
Plenty of orders available
for city and intercity trips.
Profitable work
Compensation for fuel expenses is available.
Get immediate access to orders
after you register.
Suggest your price for the trip
Trip price is negotiable.

Maxim, a smart car ordering service, was launched in Iran in 2017, using new technologies to provide state-of-the-art services, expand the car ordering services, and make the rides safer.

Maxim's primary objective is enabling passengers to order their rides easily and allowing drivers to find and transport passengers more efficiently, reducing empty runs and idle time.

Maxim operates in over 200 cities, providing constant support and offering a variety of driver incentives.

Office address
379 Shariati St. (after Bahar Shiraz and before reaching Taleghani St., at the corner of Soltani Lane), Tehran
Phone number